1. Magical Church Key by @witnesscompany http://ift.tt/1qmXxOm

  2. In recognition of National Dog Day the Lexiloo Patch by @dirtyneedleembroidery. Thanks man you killed it on this one as expected!! http://ift.tt/1vMKrdN

  3. #RD400ATC #RD400 #Yamahonda http://ift.tt/1q85TIg

  4. 3 more ready to race. Burly Brand @hellonwheelsmc unofficial race team is looking pretty strong! #burlybrandunofficialraceteam http://ift.tt/1qfo4sx

  5. Yesterday we rode for Larry and had fun! @rideforlarrypierce #rideforlarrypierce #neverforgetlarrypierce http://ift.tt/V9V1OK

  6. Last one out of the @performancemachine factory! Stoked and privileged, thanks @preusster Rooster! http://ift.tt/1ugbCg8

  7. Pretty sure that the shiny tank and new seat cover aren’t going to help me go any faster but it sure does look cool! Can’t wait for the race!! #gofastlookflash #hellonwheelsmc #hellonwheelsflattrack #howdirttrack http://ift.tt/1kno2m1

  8. Like jewelry! 💎 #hellonwheelsflattrack #hellonwheelsmc http://ift.tt/1pP3LTW

  9. Ready for Flat Track! @hellonwheelsmc #HondaCR250R http://ift.tt/1kKrIsO