1. Talented, funny and full of life! You will be missed… http://ift.tt/1golBba

  2. Good dude right here! @taylorripsharleys Thanks again for the tour and all the hospitality! http://ift.tt/1evpXlR

  3. Swang by the good ol’ Motor Co. to grab a last minute battery clip. http://ift.tt/1gh1c7T

  4. Made it to the show! #handbuiltshow #handbuiltmotorcycleshow http://ift.tt/1lOs4AK

  5. It’s midnight and we are a wrap! @handbuiltshow we’ll see you in a couple days! Thanks to @ironcobrasfabrication @headcase220 @thecalife @chopper_phil @brokencustoms @davezgarage could not have pulled this off without you guys! Thank you!! http://ift.tt/1it27CH

  6. Picked up the seat from Mauricio last night for the Scrambler. Looks great, can’t wait to get it mounted! #harleyscrambler http://ift.tt/PLMbUY

  7. MX Pegs✔️, Front End Black with Fork Gators✔️, 6-pack rack✔️ #scramblerharley http://ift.tt/PIZNjZ

  8. Hoop is black and shiny thanks to @thecalife’s professional spray paint skills! #professionalspraypainter http://ift.tt/1hvIqZA

  9. Always did like the @performancemachine Air Cleaner with no faceplate. Simple, sexy and effective. #HarleyScrambler http://ift.tt/1hizyMN

  10. @ironcobrasfabrication slaved on this beast all day and the exhaust couldn’t have come out any better! Can’t wait to fire it up! #handbuiltshow #ironcobrasfabriction #burlybrand #harleyscrambler http://ift.tt/1hqt6gQ