1. Pretty sure that the shiny tank and new seat cover aren’t going to help me go any faster but it sure does look cool! Can’t wait for the race!! #gofastlookflash #hellonwheelsmc #hellonwheelsflattrack #howdirttrack http://ift.tt/1kno2m1

  2. Like jewelry! 💎 #hellonwheelsflattrack #hellonwheelsmc http://ift.tt/1pP3LTW

  3. Ready for Flat Track! @hellonwheelsmc #HondaCR250R http://ift.tt/1kKrIsO

  5. This guy to the rescue again! http://ift.tt/1iHVpyP

  6. Had a blast at the @hellonwheelsmc race this weekend! Thanks for the pic @da_douchie http://ift.tt/1j7SZEB

  7. 730 days ago @carlymakescakes and I met. Can’t thank her enough for putting up with my shit and staying by my side. Love you babe! http://ift.tt/SYIr3Q

  8. Check out #PeppermintPatty in the new @hotbikemag today! #HotBikeMag 📷 http://ift.tt/1oSj3ah

  9. Succulent shopping with my babe. http://ift.tt/SpXW48

  10. Took #TheJackrabbit for a test ride out at Milestone yesterday. Tons of fun!! #HarleyScrambler #burlybrand #mynameisearl http://ift.tt/1nXrwwM